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Meet Kris 


Kristian Natia McInnis

Her middle name means "Little Star", and that is truly indicative of who she is. Her smile can light up a room, and she leaves a lasting impression on everyone that encounters her presence. She is married to Archie McInnis III aka Pastor Tre.




Kristian has always had a love for helping others discover their passion which is how she made her entrance into the world of Public Relations. She's worked as a Personal Assistant for Radio & Television Personalities, and also as a personal stylist for VH1 & BET. Under the umbrella of KB Consulting, Kristian provides administrative skills are often requested for small businesses, ministries, and organizations at large. She helps develop marketing strategies & project management as it relates to branding for companies and individuals.

In 2019, she founded her organization, ICU Vision Foundation. ICU provides financial assistance for children & adults who wear RX Glasses & contacts. Visit for more information.


Kristian is proud of her faith. It is the foundation for everything that she does. She started singing in church at the tender age of 3yrs.old. Under the tutelage of her father she accepted her calling at an early age and began ministering as a Praise & Worship Leader. In 2014, Dr. Judith Christie McAllister took Kristian under wing and began to mentor her. Kristian has been called to minister on various platforms as a Psalmist and Minister.

Accepting her to call to preach she began to study more and became committed to changing the lives of others through song and the preached Word of God. Kristian has had the privilege of being mentored by many great kingdom leaders, who have changed the course of her destiny. Understanding the challenges of being young and saved Kristian believes that it is necessary to be transparent in her ministry. She currently serves as the First Lady of Full Effect Allentown in Allentown, Pennsylvania.


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